Annie Prime

Annie Prime


Freelance literary translator and copy-editor, specialising in young adult fiction, fantasy fiction, academia and philosophy.

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Dear friends,

I am a literary translator of Swedish, Russian, French and Spanish into English.

My current pride and joy is Maresi by Maria Turtschaninoff, a Finland-Swedish fantasy novel due for publication in January 2015 by Pushkin Press in the UK and Abrams in the USA. My translation has received great praise from all sides.

Since receiving my MA in translation from University College London, I have translated four books - two fiction and two non-fiction. I have also worked as a commercial translator, copy-editor and proofreader for several years.

However, I am foremost a literary translator. I am highly sensitive to metaphor, imagery, structure and voice. My preferred texts are those with a touch of magic and mystery; where the words point to an unspoken underlying truth. For this reason I especially enjoy fantasy, mythology, crime, children's and young adult fiction, sci-fi, philosophy, esotericism and erotica.

Growing up in a bilingual family with an alternative lifestyle in the multi-cultural kaleidoscope of central London, I have always felt like a translator between people and cultures. I am a woman of multitudes and the paradox of translation is something I hold dear: the dual commitment to old and new; original and revival; essence and expression. It is an honour to be able to bridge the gap.

Selected Publications

MaresiTurtschaninoff, Maria. Maresi.

Pushkin Press, 2016.

The first in a fantasy trilogy, due for publication next year.