B.J. Epstein

B.J. Epstein


B.J. is a senior lecturer in literature at the University of East Anglia and a writer, editor, and translator.

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E-Mail: bjepstein@gmail.com

Twitter: bjepstein


B.J. was born and raised in Chicago, in the United States. She holds a BA in literature and creative writing from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, USA, and an MFA in fiction from Queens University in North Carolina, USA. She received her Ph.D. in translation studies from Swansea University in Wales, following a number of years of living in Sweden, where she fell in love with the Scandinavian languages and literatures. She now is a senior lecturer in literature and public engagement at the University of East Anglia in England. She received an MA in higher education practice from the University of East Anglia.

B.J. is the author of many publications, including three books: Are the Kids All Right? Representations of LGBTQ Characters in Children's and Young Adult Literature; Translating Expressive Language in Children’s Literature; and Ready, Set, Teach, which is a textbook for usage in English as a foreign language courses. She has also edited or translated many other books and was the editor of and a contributor to Northern Lights: Translation in the Nordic Countries and True North: Literary Translation in the Nordic Countries. B.J. has published over 150 articles, short stories, essays, and reviews, and continues to write regularly for a variety of publications, including the Huffington Post, the Wales Arts Review, and Facköversättaren (the journal of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators).

B.J. has translated a broad range of texts, including children's literature, poetry, short stories, cookbooks, novel excerpts, academic articles, books on art, and much more.

Selected Publications

Hillström , Ylva . Mapping the Invisible .

Alfabeta/Moderna Museet, 2020.

The Bird Within MeLundberg, Sara. The Bird Within Me.

Book Island/Groundwood, 2020.

Ahlsén Söder , Paula. of Salmon: From the Everyday to Luxury.


One More SliceLindholm, Leila. One More Slice.

New Holland, 2011. ISBN 9781780090009.

Following on from the huge success of her book "A Piece of Cake", Leila has now brought together another fabulous collection of delicious recipes. The focus in this book is on wood fired pizza, pasta, bread, pancakes and waffles, as well as sweet desserts like ice cream, cheesecake and sweet pies. Although there is an Italian feel to many of the recipes, Leila has taken inspiration from all over, from American apple pie to French pastries to Belgian waffles. Filled with over 150 recipes and over 200 beautiful photographs, this is a cookbook to inspire and delight.

Lindholm, Leila. Hello Cupcake!.


Mats, Andromeda. Clematis .


Skote, Malena . Easy to Concrete .


Couet, Danyel . The Paris Neighborhood Cookbook.


Stjernström, P.. Young Man Turns 300.