Roy Hodson

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I have over 30 years' experience of technical writing and translation, plus around 15 years of non-technical translation.

My largest translation projects to date have been "The History of the Nordic Map" by Ulla Ehrensvärd, and a company history of Sarlin, a Finland-Swedish technology concern.

Selected Publications

The History of the Nordic Map: From Myths to RealityEhrensvärd, Ulla. The History of the Nordic Map: From Myths to Reality.

John Nurminen Foundation, 2006. ISBN 9-789529-7452.

Offers, for the first time, a thorough survey of the development of Nordic map-making. [It] covers all Scandinavian countries and their former possessions, describing the development of all relevant types of domestic mapping as well as connections between Scandinavia and the well-known European map-makers and publishers.