Marie Andersson (formerly Allen)

Marie Andersson (formerly Allen)

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Born in Stockholm, resident in the UK since 1984, studied in Paris and now splits her time between the UK, Italy and Sweden.
A translator/interpreter for over 20 years, with extensive experience in all fields from medical and court work to EU and political/social matters. A keen interest in literature, books and writing means a great focus on promoting and translating Swedish literature in the UK. Several books translated and published, and the next project, a new series of Scandinavian crime literature in the pipeline. Also a member of Society of Authors (Translators' Association).

Selected Publications

How to Murder a Foreign Minister - The Assassination of Anna LindhNilsson, Tomas. How to Murder a Foreign Minister - The Assassination of Anna Lindh.

Tomas Nilsson Förlag, 2016. ISBN 9789163778933.

This book analyses the assassination of Anna Lindh, Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2003, and draws the conclusion that it was not Mijailo Mijailovic who fatally stabbed her, but that it was a political assault. Witness statements and forensic reports and evidence are presented, and a picture of how the attack was perfomed - and who planned and executed it - is composed.