Charles Harrison-Wallace

Charles Harrison-Wallace


Interests include European language evolution, literature and philosophy. English C18th art history.

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Born 1937 in Lund, Sweden. Educated in Scotland, Sweden, England, France, Germany. Bi-lingual Swedish-English since age 8. State Scholarship and Open Exhibition in French and German to BNC, Oxford. MA (Oxon) in English Language and Literature. Served two years NS as tank troop commander, BAOR, Germany. Employed 6 months as freight agent, Canadian Arctic. Employed two years in Tehran, Iran, as sub-editor Tehran Journal, an English language daily newspaper; and as lecturer EFL National University of Iran. Employed in London as management recruitment consultant, and latterly as Senior Lecturer in Business Studies, University of the Arts. Translated three books from Swedish to English. Published articles on various subjects, especially Old Scandinavian (aka Anglo-Saxon), and early 18th century European history and maritime art. Translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem "The Seafarer" set to music by Sally Beamish, and recently (2014) narrated by Sir Willard White. Ten reviews of Swedish books for SBR. Website: