Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher

Contact Details

Bockekullevägen 23
42931 Kullavik

E-Mail: mgallaghertranslation@gmail.com

Twitter: @swedish_english

Selected Publications

Rosti: A Designable World, . Rosti: A Designable World.

Stolpe, 2020.

The Thin Blue LineCarlsson, Christoffer. The Thin Blue Line.

Scribe, 2018.

You Are MineEriksson, Isabel. You Are Mine.

Ebury, 2018.

I Am FootballIbrahimovic, Zlatan . I Am Football.

Penguin, 2018.

Acts of VanishingOlsson, Fredrik T. Acts of Vanishing.

Sphere, 2018.

From Holmes to SherlockBoström, Mattias. From Holmes to Sherlock.

Mysterious Press, 2017.

Master, Liar, Traitor, FriendCarlsson, Christoffer . Master, Liar, Traitor, Friend.

Scribe, 2017.

The Falling DetectiveCarlsson, Christoffer . The Falling Detective.

Scribe, 2016.

The Invisible Man from SalemCarlsson, Christoffer . The Invisible Man from Salem.

Scribe, 2015.