Making connections and branching out

Posted on 13th October 2014 at 17:35 by Ruth Urbom

SELTA's new website has just gone live! This blog is intended to be a space where our members can post brief items about topics they'd like to share with readers.

Many readers in the English-speaking world are fans of Swedish crime fiction, and SELTA members have translated works by some of Sweden's most popular crime authors.

Swedish writers produce a whole spectrum of literature, though, and SELTA members have a similarly broad range of interests and strengths, enabling us to tackle everything from children’s picture books to drama to historical fiction to quality non-fiction… and beyond! You can browse through SELTA members’ profiles on this site as well as the list of recent publications to find out more about individual translators’ interests and previous work.

For cost-conscious publishers, grants are available from several sources to help defray translation costs. One programme is administered by the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) – information and application in English available here. There is also the Anglo-Swedish Literary Foundation in the UK, which was funded early in its history by the donation of George Bernard Shaw’s Nobel Prize money. Support for Swedish-language books by Finnish authors is available from FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange. Translation grants for works of literature in all languages (not just Swedish) are available from the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme and English PEN’s PEN translates! programme.

Interested in finding out more about new literature from Sweden (and Swedish-speaking Finland)? SELTA members produce and contribute to Swedish Book Review, an independent literary journal that includes translated extracts as well as articles and reviews of recent books – all in English. The Swedish Arts Council also produces handsome full-colour A4-format booklets featuring selected recent titles for adults and children. The booklets can be downloaded as PDFs from the Swedish Arts Council’s website – just click on the links below.